The Magic of Storyboarding Novels

When storyboarding novels, I always find magic. The vastness of the Canadian north is not something to underestimate. I’ve never been farther north than Prince George, B.C. So, I really needed to get a strong sense of place through amazing photography.

It Makes All The Difference

I needed storyboards that gave me a solid overview of the landscape that Kasey and her dig team would experience on the Great Slave and along the Hay River in the NWT. This whole series will eventually end up in later books of The Sibylline Chronicles.

the importance of storyboarding novels

Storyboarding As Research Tools for Novels

This board served as reference for the feel of cave digs involving animal bones. For the most part, dinosaurs are rarely pulled from caves. So, finding reference for an underground dig proved challenging. The results here gave me the visuals to inspire the relationships between Kasey and Jonathan as well as Wyvern’s lead scientists Dr. Kavey Upwardah and Dr. Allain Lefevbre.

This team plays a small but pivotal role that had to work just right to make the entire discovery that they made in the caves and the impact that it has on the Sibylline mythology.

Storyboarding novels is one of the most useful tools for visual writers. I find myself constantly inspired by these compilations and can see myself using storyboards in many different ways throughout my novel writing career.