The Adytum Library.


The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W.B. Yeats

Welcome to my library of writing worksheets for adults.

Me-Kädmen anina il'ati — that's Sibylline for in the name of the Great Mother.

In the Adytum, we have unique and provocative writing worksheets for adults. We do the work of the old ones, drawing out the stories that need to be told.

This library of writing resources is all for you. From beautiful journal pages to meditative writerly practices, you will explore the way you find story and how it finds you.

In here, you'll discover all kinds of inspiration for your writing.

Not to ignore the practical, I'll post a range of writing worksheets for adults that organize your stories and help work through sticky spots. This is the heart of the craft — honing foundational skills. Then, when the story calls, you can really bring it to life.

I'll also share details on online workshops, self-guided courses, and more.

If you come across a tool or technique that leaves you lingering, I encourage you to drop me a line here.

I hope your time in the Storyteller's Adytum is full of magic.


The Sibylline

Conversations In My Head

A journal for the stories that are nagging you to tell them.

Greek poet Solon considered the muses the key to a good life. They not only inspired, but offered friendship. This journal invites you to call on Calliope to inspire your poetry, dance with Terpsichore, or get all tragic with Melpomene. Whatever your muse, let these journal worksheets (more added weekly) take you beyond the veil to chat and create with them.

Daily Inquiry Journal Page free download
Fictional Setting Worksheet free download

Meditations To Draw Out Stories.

Downloadable Journal Papers.

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