The Sibylline.

Me kädmen anina il'ati.

Discover the world of the Sibylline.


Since the time of Ta'amel.

Once, the Great Mother called upon eleven queens to serve as emissaries to a world in crisis.

Devoted in their service to her, the women, known as the Sibylline, established a covenant to guide humankind. As the legend of their ability to shape the destiny of kings grew, they guided the intellectual, technological, and spiritual growth of society for more than 11,000 years.

This was no earthly devotion. It was a vow of eternal service to create a just world.

However, men are far from just.

The Sibylline

The Sibylline

The orders of The Sibylline.


Inspired by France & Its Devotion to Mary.

In October 2019, I set out to develop the Sibylline world while on a solo journey to France.

As a result, it changed my life.

Explore some of my favourite photos. I took them while unearthing the mysteries of Amboise, da Vinci, the Royal River, and L'Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud.

Real Life Locations.

Follow the trail of The Sibylline.

Amboise, France

This tiny commune sits on the banks of the Loire River. It once served as the residence of many of France's most powerful kings allied with the Sibylline.

Fontevraud Abbey

This 1,000-year-old Abbey was once the most powerful in France. Yet, it spent 150 years as a notorious prison. Explore the Mother House.

Alexandria, Egypt

The great ancient city of Alexandria has drawn the wonder and fascination of people for thousands of years.

el-Jem, Tunisia

Known as Thysdrus in the Roman era, el-Jem boasts the second largest colosseum in the world. Its stories are shrouded in mystery.

Bucharest, Romania

Once named "Little Paris," Bucharest has been at the nexus of East-West politics for hundreds of years. Discover the secrets of the Sibylline here.