Little Love Note #2

Winter as a solitary season really is my vibe. Simply packing up and locking myself away from the world sounds ideal just about every November. Vancouver rains prove insufferable. My office turns me into an ice cube. The world seems much cozier under a warm blanket with a cup of tea.

However, this year I am resisting the urge to retreat. Solitude carries with it some crucial elements of self-reflection, but too much time in the cave cuts me off from what nourishes me the most—people.

Winter Often Requires Riding The Line Between Hope and Despair

The darkness is a hard place. Lately I’ve come to see it as my classroom. Riding the line between hope and despair means exploring the cracks. Those broken pieces are usually the spots where I want to turn and run. I’ve discovered that many of us are sitting and contemplating those same cracks. How do we heal? What stops the chaos? What allows us to begin again?

Now seems the time to really come together so that we can sit in those spaces and support each other.

So, I’m dropping in today with a mid-week love note (more HERE) , from me to you: