Poetry from Robin Rivers.

Myth. Mysticism. My Walk Through The World.

Poetry is an aspect of expression that found me as I hit the age of 50. In the midst of massive mental and physical changes, I discovered the nature of divination while out walking. Poems started to find their way to and through me. I laugh now seeing Poetry from Robin Rivers anywhere because it really is a form that struck me hard without warning.

This is a very new way of storytelling for me. One that I adore for its short format and ability to draw out intense emotion through form and meter. I love the dance of words, the play of sound and beat. It was Natasha Trethewey's poem Myth that sent me down this path. Her absolutely masterful structure and storytelling  is magical.

I invite you to spend some time with my work and take a peek at the posts that give you the story behind the creation of each poem.

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