Frida Kahlo On Angels

Frida Kahlo and her words resonate with me today. Wrapping our wings around those who are lost to the external and allowing ourselves to be transformed internally in that grief and love.

I am working on my contemplative practice. Prayer. Listening. Quieting my compulsions to be heard. Realizing that the loud voice in my life was my way of blocking out the deeper work that needs doing. Some people are loud and external. I was taught to be loud, but am wholly internal. The older I get, the more I long for the deep connection of that whatever it is that connects us all in spirit.

I woke up this morning really hazy and exhausted. I knew I just needed to rest and listen and take a moment to sort out so much of that grief and love. Thank you, Frida Kahlo, for transforming the day into thoughtful action.