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Published September 2022, my debut historical fantasy novel is the first volume in The Sibylline Chronicles. Click the link below to buy books directly from me. You can also find copies at your favourite independent bookseller and on Amazon. Or read them for free by requesting a copy through your local library. Copies are available in hardcover, paperback and PDF eBook.

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A unique and extremely interesting take on an arcane legend. Fans of historical conspiracies, fantasy, magical realism and novels like The Da Vinci Code will really enjoy this debut.

Debbie Haupt, The Reading Frenzy (blog)

Enjoyable and action packed . . . It will be interesting to see where the story of the Sibyls goes next.

Madeleine, Ramblingmads blog

The Last Sibyl

The second volume of The Sibylline Chronicles is on the way! The Last Sibyl is now in progress. Keep up to date with news and progress by signing up to my NEWSLETTER.   Presale copies will be available for purchase directly from me or your favourite bookseller. Copies will be available in hardcover, paperback and PDF eBook.

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The Sibylline in their Golden Era, devotion, and sacrifice. This is a love letter from the women of the ancient world.

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