The Sibylline Chronicles.

The Sibylline Chronicles fantasy series by Robin Rivers

Me kädmen anina il'ati.

Discover the world of the Sibylline.


The Sibylline Chronicles

From the very moment you pick The Sibylline Chronicles up, you'll be swept away by the magic and mystery of the Sibylline. Uncover the lives of ancient women filled with ancient power. Inspired by stories of the oracles and their visions that guided the world for thousands of years, these books will fuel your curiosity — leaving you unable to put them down.

Since the time of Ta'amel.

Once, the Great Mother called upon eleven queens to serve as emissaries to a world in crisis.

Devoted in their service to her, the women, known as the Sibylline, established a covenant to guide humankind. As the legend of their ability to shape the destiny of kings grew, they guided the intellectual, technological, and spiritual growth of society for more than 11,000 years.

This was no earthly devotion. It was a vow of eternal service to create a just world.

However, men are far from just.

The Sibylline

The Sibylline

Get ready to delve further into mystery and mysticism!

Robin Rivers