The Sibylline Chronicles

Discover Guardians of Lost Covenants,

Daughters of Forgotten Magic

Dive into the shadowy depths of history where the echoes of ancient queens and matriarchs reverberate. Storyteller Robin Rivers invites you to explore a world where the lost feminine reigns supreme in The Sibylline Chronicles. More than just a series, it weaves haunting novels with an evolving exploration of ancient women through poetry and visual art.


Mythical Retellings of haunting she-beasts with hair like the bleeding roots of trees. They howl in the night, poised to devour your very soul down to the bones.

Or, do they?

Woman on the Wall

Woman on the Wall is the first volume in The Sibylline Chronicles series by Robin Rivers.

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For The Love of France.

In 2023, I launched the Pilgrimages For The Weary Storyteller series. These slow travel guides through France's Loire Valley (and soon, beyond) are designed as brief pilgrimage that can be done in a single day. They include a series of writing prompts to use as journal tools, creative inspiration, or contemplative questions to draw out the stories you long to tell. Think castles, myths, and magical places!


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