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Stories, poetry, and slow-travel adventures that engage, engross, and ignite emotion.

Stories that explore ancient places, alternate histories, and feminine powers.

Stories impossible to put down—even well past midnight! 

Me too. That’s why I write them.

I’m Robin and I'm a sucker for magical realism.

It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t write.

My work blends a deep love of history, alternate timelines, and suspense with a healthy dose of myth and magic. 

I’m inspired by stories, obsessed with details, and driven by characters and the world around them.

I'm a storyteller who draws inspiration from my French and Polish roots. I’ve spent much of my life exploring spirituality, layers of religion, and passages to ancient myths. Mostly, though, I explore the lives of the great Sibyl prophetesses.

Over the past ten years, I’ve unearthed Sibylline stories, histories, folk art, and the secrets of their landscapes.

Here, you'll unearth those stories for yourself.

Me kädmen anina il'ati—In the name of the Great Mother.

Fantasy & Nonfiction For You.

Woman on the Wall

Woman on the Wall is the first volume in The Sibylline Chronicles series.

Read this sweeping fantastical tale of intrigue and hope for humanity that fuels imagination and curiosity.


The Sibylline Chronicles Continues.

The next instalment of The Sibylline Chronicles is on the way!

Coming in 2024.

Get ready to delve further into mystery and mysticism!

Robin Rivers

A New Breed of Travel Guide

I have just launched the new Pilgrimages For The Weary Storyteller series. These slow travel guides through France's Loire Valley (and soon, beyond) are designed as brief pilgrimage that can be done in a single day. They include a series of writing prompts to use as journal tools, creative inspiration, or contemplative questions to draw out the stories you long to tell.

As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow.

A.C. Benson

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