The Sibylline Chronicles

Discover Guardians of Lost Covenants,

Daughters of Forgotten Magic

Dive into the shadowy depths of history where the echoes of ancient queens and mystical matriarchs reverberate. Storyteller Robin Rivers invites you to explore a world where the forgotten feminine reigns supreme in The Sibylline Chronicles. More than just a series, it weaves haunting novels with an evolving exploration of ancient women through photography and visual art.

Journey to a past where women ruled, where the Mother wore the crown, and temples honoring a thousand mothers graced the land. Witness uprisings sparked by feminine wisdom, reverberating through the ages. The whispers of these lost heroines rise, their stories of magic and strength filling the voids. Let the potent language of the Old Ones transport you to forgotten realms.

Current Art Exploration - The Takfahar

The Takfahar are the masks of the legendary  women who converged upon the battle grounds of old and wiped them clean.

Each is woven with the patterns of one's mothers and the mothers before them.

Learn more about my process:

Making The Takfahar


Slavic Myth Retellings Honoring The Hag

Explore The Mythic World

Woman on the Wall

Woman on the Wall is the first volume in The Sibylline Chronicles series by Robin Rivers.

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As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow.

A.C. Benson

Contemplative Travel Guides from Robin Rivers

I have just launched the new Pilgrimages For The Weary Storyteller series. These slow travel guides through France's Loire Valley (and soon, beyond) are designed as brief pilgrimage that can be done in a single day. They include a series of writing prompts to use as journal tools, creative inspiration, or contemplative questions to draw out the stories you long to tell.


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