Halcyon—A Poem of Release and Relief

April 27, 2023. That was the last time I finished a writing project. June 14, 2023. Finally, Halcyon makes its way to the finish line.

The last six weeks have challenged me in so many ways when it comes to my writing. The tough questions about writing for myself or others surfaced and capsized my creativity. So, I got quiet and went deep.

Well, it sounds like I spent all of my time fighting the cyclops in the cave.

Actually, I did nothing.

The deep dive was into nothingness.

I spent a lot of time finding myself blank, drifting, tired, breaking away from expectations I had for myself and the endless guilt I pile on myself for not doing more, more, more. I really wanted to go disappear, find some halcyon of the past and vanish. Instead, I did nothing.

No Halcyon, or . . .

Of course, some sort of writing paradise wasn’t going to appear and fill me flush with new writing genius. I ended up just letting myself empty out. I had no solutions and I was too tired to keep pushing.

Finally, last night, I found myself working on the lates Pilgrimage for The Weary Storyteller and my halcyon appeared. The poem came naturally, inspired by the lovely photo of the Chapel of The Rocks at Château de Valmer in France’s Loire Valley. A wave of relief poured over me. I hope you enjoy.