24 October 2023

Ruth Fainlight. I’ve just recently discovered the incredible poetry of hers, in particular about the Sibyls. Squatting At The Womb’s Mouth struck like lightening. 

18 October 2023

A year ago today, I found myself at Fontevraud Abbey celebrating the completion of Woman On The Wall and back at work researching a new piece of The Sibylline Chronicles. In the time since then, Book 2 has transformed into a story that I could not have possibly seen that day. Much of what I…

8 March 2023

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was International Women’s Day. I found myself at a loss for what to write about. I love all the posts about raising and being strong women. They are so warm and wonderful. However, they are not really my style. Still, nothing settled on me. So, I…

20 October 2022

Location scouting in France is something for which I have fallen hard. Walking the actual grounds of the main settings of The Sibylline Chronicles gives me a sense of place that cannot be found any other way. Yes, there’s the Internet. But, my mind only sets itself on a place after I’ve done the walking….