4 October 2022

Picture yourself at the edge of Loire River. In the background, the stark, ancient remains of Les Greniers de César peek out from above the trees. You whip out your book. You start to read from the very spot where its writer stood three years earlier. It’s the location that the very line you are…

Robin Rivers Novel Launch
16 September 2022

Last week, friends and supporters celebrated the launch of Woman On The Wall at Ninth + Vine Studio in Vancouver’s historic Kitsilano neighbourhood. I was so honoured to be joined by four incredibly talented artists who identify as women including Seattle linocut painter Rebecca Woodhouse, Vancouver textile artist Corrina Hammond, Lower Mainland home decor designer…

A Portmanteau
6 April 2022

A portmanteau bag is one of those classic vintage beauties that made so much sense to include in Woman On The Wall. Listen in for a quick hit from me on what exactly a portmanteau is and why I included it in the novel:

29 March 2022

This week, I took to Tik-Tok to look back on Parisian life in 1945. The short video includes some of my favourite historical photos from that time. These and many more inspired me to start Woman On The Wall on the streets of Paris. Read on for the rest of the text from the video. Watch it in full: