The Allure of Discovering Novel Characters

The discovery of characters, and the definition of their physical characteristics, allows us to develop a relationship, eventually drawing out emotions and motivations.

Future Characters

Kasey, Simon and Ahmad play a profound role in each other’s lives and the relationship that evolves between them provides a rich insight into their darkness.

storyboarding characters

Storyboards are key to the advance work for a trilogy coming late in the Sibylline Chronicles.

While the story evolved, Kasey, Simon, and Ahmad remain solid. Their personalities grew into fascinating character studies of people with profound scars left by power, fundamentalism, and a belief structure on the human heart.

storyboarding novel characters

I’m in love with the novel character portrayed in the image above. Kasey faces reality and comes to terms with her mistakes — well starts to. She also realizes Sibylline relevance in her own life, although it’s much more than she’d like to believe.

2023 update:

These characters are making a resurgence as I begin to work on Books 2 and 3 of The Sibylline Chronicles. It is super exciting to see this early work pay off. Especially related to Kasey and the Sibylline in the later years. Her storyline is one I have always loved. It is coming together in interesting ways. How will I intertwine Kasey and Serah? Maybe Marie goes to Chicago? Maybe the Sibylline hit Canada? Ha. Who knows yet.

I create storyboards to wrap my head around my characters. I enjoy the visual process and all the detail it brings. Now, I know that these are long-term investments in character development. Ones that can be used again and again, even when projects don’t make it to publication.

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