Pilgrimage No. 1 – The Seven Paths to Paradise

A guide to making a one-day walking pilgrimage to the sacred spring in the woods beyond Château Gaillard Amboise in Amboise, France.


Château Gaillard Amboise is the hidden gem of Amboise, France. Its incredible history and peaceful, stunning walking paths along the Amasse River make it the perfect spot for a picnic and a quiet afternoon on the French countryside.

The woods surrounding it also contain a sacred spring, thought to bring long life. Seven bridges that carry old myths of leading to paradise cross soothing waterways along a route to this serene spot. It is the perfect mini pilgrimage, offering those who walk the path a contemplative, spirit-filled experience.

This English-language guide is your companion for a unique, memorable experience at Château Gaillard Amboise in the Loire Valley.


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