Pilgrimage No. 2 – Château de Valmer & Its Troglodyte Chapel


Discover Tranquility and Sacred Beauty: Experience the Ultimate One-Day Pilgrimage at Château de Valmer, Loire Valley.

Immerse Yourself in Storied History:

Journey through the captivating Château de Valmer, an enchanting blend of history, sacred space, and winemaking. Explore the extraordinary Renaissance kitchen gardens, where thousands of meticulously curated plant species thrive under the guidance of the botanist owner. Walk the wide garden pathways, adorned with statuary, alcoves, and the serene ambiance that embodies a true pilgrimage. Nourish yourself through the connection to the heavens and the Earth.

Unveil Hidden Treasures:

Ascend through a secret passage to the upper gardens, where the troglodyte chapel emerges from the hillside. Step into this sacred haven, nestled within the rock, and be awestruck by its ancient beauty. Marvel at the centuries-old altar and Catholic relics, witnesses to the passage of time. Legends of hidden crypts and miraculous healing will enthrall you, as the presence of the Virgin Mary radiates from this mystical chapel, sure to ignite your spirit.

Enhance Your Journey:

Explore the lower and upper terraces, offering tranquil spaces for journaling, meditation, or prayer. Embrace the serenity of each stop along the way, allowing the surroundings to inspire profound introspection and connection to the pilgrimage experience. Find renewal in the quiet.

Experience the Serenity and Inspiration of Château Valmer:

Château de Valmer beckons you to embark on a transformative pilgrimage. Rich history, flourishing botanical wonders, and the sacred troglodyte chapel intertwine. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance, allowing the stories and beauty to awaken your senses and ignite your soul.

Begin Your Sacred Journey:

Plan your pilgrimage to Château de Valmer, nestled in the idyllic Loire Valley. There, immerse yourself in the heritage, natural beauty, and spiritual treasures that await. Let this extraordinary place leave an indelible mark on your heart and spirit.”


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