13 October 2022

Bonjour mes copains a Paris. The last 24 hours of travel have given me a few aches and pains, but also some moments to fill up my tank. I gave myself 6.5 hours to get through the legendarily awful customs lines at CDG Airport and get to Montparnasse to catch my train to Saumur. Who…

6 October 2022

Virtual Book Tour of Woman on the Wall My virtual book tour takes me to France next week. And I’d love it if you join me. The 10-day tour includes readings and IRL locations from Woman on the Wall⁠—an intricate look into the world of Marie and Aesmeh. I’ve got a midnight tour of Fontevraud…

25 February 2022

In the quiet of the Grand-Moûtier at Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, the wind carried on it the constant whisper of a thousand years. I sat, regretful in my exhale, as the Abbey slept. It is the silence when I am the most terrified and at peace. I lingered on the waxing moon, just three days short of full release, and shook. This place—this holy, sacred, venomous, cruel place—soothed me in the darkness, and I submit.

Midnight, at Fontevraud.

23 February 2022

So, there I was with Aesmeh de la Rose showing me around Amboise, France. Now that she’d offered to introduce me to the crew, I had to forgive her for so unabashedly revealing her death to me without my consent. Apparently, when you are a novelist who’s come to tell their stories, those who’ve waited all of those centuries for you to get it together already know your storyline.