The Alleyway of Hell Leads to My Place

I got to Saumur, France around 5:30 last night. I would tell you the train ride was lovely, but I have no clue. Slept through the whole damn thing.

My flat here is tucked away in a wee alcove, which I deliberately chose so that I would actually rest. Resting, ha, that is not a thing for me. However, I do like to pretend. 🙂

Of course, it ends up to have a great story. There are two ways to get to my courtyard. The first is through this enormous gorgeous walkway (see daytime pictures here).

The second is through Ruelle de l’enfer – the Alleyway of Hell.

This sounds slightly ominous. However, I have been working on my French by listening to French music and one of my fave artists is Stromae. His song L’enfer has been on my writing soundtrack for the new novel for months. Ah, the magic of France has already kicked in. Check out the video for a little tour of the alley.

I had a wonderful dinner last night of regional traditional food including this amazing squash tartar and chicken and leek stew. I only ate out once my last trip because I had so much trouble ordering food in French. No more. Entire meal ordered in French. Fairly long conversation in French also happened with the restaurant owner. Level unlocked!

Saumur, France is an absolutely lovely city on the Loire Valley with a fascinating history both in the far past (castles and kings) and more modern (World War II). It is the home to the French calvary and lots of military activity. I found it full of interesting people, friendly historians who answered my endless questions, and so much beauty. This bustling center makes it easy to get around by bus and on foot and I love it.

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