26 April 2022

onceptual art, conceptual art. It’s all the art world wants right now.  Yet, I don’t come up with an idea and work from there.  My work reflects the human condition because it reflects my life. Once you take a look, there is more to see.  I am a process-oriented, abstract artist. My work is the embodiment of entwined identities, artist, mother, all of me, and only in writing this did I realize that the work I have been doing for years, the work the blurs the lines between printmaking and painting also holds more than one identity.  

11 January 2017

I’ve spent a fair amount of time working with ways to create stunning scenes with these tools full of imagery, detail, and a bit of wonder. Most writers who work with forms of historical content can all pretty much agree. One of the most challenging aspects of recreating the past is that – depending on…