Self-discovery at fifty

I never expected to find a moment of self-discovery at 50.

I intentionally stripped bare and ripped the layers of myself so far back to the very core, I was sure I’d die of exposure.

Author Robin Rivers finds self-discovery at the age of 50.

By far, 2019 emerged as the most incredible year of my life.

It was as self-discovery at 50 of a woman I’d put to sleep as a child out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to control her. That she would burn me. Even that people would, well, it didn’t matter because all of that hiding only isolated me from everything and everyone that mattered.

This past year, and in rather dramatic Robin fashion, I stepped off the ledge of that life more than once — my own fears keeping life small.

The ability to fly

Gaining the ability to fly allowed me to:

  • Acknowledge and embrace the call to teach.
  • Leave for France and travel alone.
  • Return to answer a call from spirit.

All that I’ve seen and known about myself emerged without apology.

And, now, I see with more than my eyes, hear with more than my ears, and believe with more than my faith.

Women of my generation, I see you.
Ladies, I hear you.
Women of my generation, I believe in you.

Rise up, my sisters. 2020 is calling.

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