What A Great Life In 1975

Life in 1975 was a dream.

A few months back, I asked my step-father to begin transferring over to me all of the photography and historical documents from our family.

I’ve always held dear the responsibility of family historian, and he graciously agreed to begin the long process after spending the last few years digitizing most of it.

Amongst the family trees, gorgeous photography, and art from the late 19th and early 20th century, a collection of more recent pictures flung me back to 1975.

 Me and my brother

Life in 1975, at the tender age of 4, proved pretty basic. We’d moved from the Mid-West to the Rocky Mountains of the United States, and I adored my wee bain of a brother.

These pictures are pure magic and a little heartachy all at once.

 Getting ready for church on Easter Sunday, 1975

My mom looks so fresh and wonderful in these photos. Gone almost four years now, I miss her. I wish often to be able to consult her on so many things despite our challenging relationship as mother and daughter.

 Summer fun

This series is from the first year at my childhood home where we lived for more than a decade. I was surprised at first to see how shabby the backyard was as my parents always took great care. However, I remembered that they’d bought the home to fix up. These are so cute.

 My mom and brother in the backyard of our childhood home.
 Sister and brother always together

My brother and I, who remain extremely close, had a good cry over these yesterday. We recognized that they also very much defined the nature of the two of us as siblings.

Our time machine trip proved a sweet reminder of our constant bond, and how time cannot strip away connection.