4 October 2022

Picture yourself at the edge of Loire River. In the background, the stark, ancient remains of Les Greniers de César peek out from above the trees. You whip out your book. You start to read from the very spot where its writer stood three years earlier. It’s the location that the very line you are…

A Portmanteau
6 April 2022

A portmanteau bag is one of those classic vintage beauties that made so much sense to include in Woman On The Wall. Listen in for a quick hit from me on what exactly a portmanteau is and why I included it in the novel:

30 March 2022

The word of the day today is MUGUET, or Lily of the Valley in French. Woman On The Wall is set in France. So, there are plenty of French words I’ve included in the novel. This is the first in a series of words of the day associated with the book. Each has its own…