16 September 2022

A book launch with people I love Last week, friends, family, and supporters celebrated the much anticipated book launch of Woman On The Wall over at Ninth + Vine Studio, in Vancouver’s historic Kitsilano neighbourhood. I was honoured to have four incredibly talented artists join me, including Seattle linocut painter Rebecca Woodhouse, Vancouver textile artist…

26 April 2022

onceptual art, conceptual art. It’s all the art world wants right now.  Yet, I don’t come up with an idea and work from there.  My work reflects the human condition because it reflects my life. Once you take a look, there is more to see.  I am a process-oriented, abstract artist. My work is the embodiment of entwined identities, artist, mother, all of me, and only in writing this did I realize that the work I have been doing for years, the work the blurs the lines between printmaking and painting also holds more than one identity.