On The Air – The Magic $20 Trick to Traveling The World

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The perpetual twilight of the winter months on the wet coast make us all want to chase the sunshine to far away places. But, reality makes a continent-hopping adventure something left only to the imagination.

I sat down with Carol Thorbes at Roundhouse Radio this morning to talk about how to take that great winter escape for $20.

There’s nothing quite like going on an epic adventure via book, and there is plenty of outstanding travel writing – fiction and non-fiction – out there to take you away.

You can always grab a classic from Jack Kerouac or Gabriel Garcia Marquez (One Hundred Years of Solitude, oh my).

Figuring most of us had already been Kerouac-ed, we chatted about six books that will transport you to a place where rainy days are no longer a curse – they give you time to read.

Listen to the full interview HERE

And here is the list of books we discussed:

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah MacDonald (non-fiction)
The Beach by Alex Garland
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Pompeii by Robert Harris
Notes From A Small Island by Bill Bryson (non-fiction)
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts