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That Solo Writing Research Trip—Make It Happen

Storytelling Workshops with Robin Rivers

♥ Ever dreamed of taking that trip to research a story you have longed to tell?

♥ Gone to a place, found yourself overwhelmed with inspiration, and not known what to do with it all?

Internationally award-winning journalist, author, and writing coach Robin Rivers offers new storytelling workshops for people who identify as women.

She shows you her time-worn tools for solo travel, teasing out stories from places, and what to do with it all when you get home.

This 6-week interactive storytelling workshop is designed to help you accomplish your writing research goals with confidence. 



That adventure to Greece or long-awaited reunion with a sacred space in Scotland may be nagging at you, but planning a solo writing research trip has many moving parts. Learn how to plan like a pro while staying safe on the road.

Should you schedule carefully? Should you just wing it? How will you even know what you find and when you find it? I will share my story-finding successes and failures. You'll also learn techniques for listening to the land, the French art of the flâneur, and making personal connections on the road.

Travel and research is guaranteed to get you excited about that dream writing project. But, what do you do with it all once you get home and everyday life takes over? I'll provide tools for organization, writing practices to get your story started, and ways to keep yourself on track.

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Meet Robin Rivers

Solo travel is a soul-filling personal challenge unto itself. Combined with the curiosity and tenacity it takes to research an idea, it has the power to change you forever.

For me, it's like breathing. My natural state. When I think about it, I've been on the road and researching stories since I was 18. As an award-winning newspaper journalist, I traveled across North America. From rural Illinois farmlands to Washington State waterways, I spent my days writing about the lives of everyday Americans. That foundation lead to a lifetime of travel and storytelling.

I really started honing my explorer skills in 2012. My husband and I packed up our family for a year-long road trip to Nova Scotia and back. That year camping on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, learning the stories of mining towns like Sudbury, Ontario, uncovering the history of the Acadian French through the folk history of Nova Scotia, transformed my relationship with the Canadian landscape and its people.

In 2019, I began traveling by myself for novel research and discovered the true nature of place. Now, I do so regularly for novel research as well as non-fiction writing projects.

I bring the lessons, experiences, and processes for tackling such adventures to you in this unique workshop.

See the results of my research in these

My debut novel, Woman On The Wall, was released in 2022.  The second, The Last Sibyl, is slated for release in early 2024, with the third in the series — The Mother House — slated for release in late 2024

Nonfiction projects include Pilgrimages For The Weary Storyteller—a series of slow travel guides across Europe—currently in production.

Robin has been traveling in search of stories for the last thirty years. She is a master at teasing out the details and connecting with people. She's also a smart, savvy solo traveler who will inspire every woman to take that storytelling adventure they've always dreamed about.



Workshop Schedule

  • Intro to Solo Research Travel
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Connecting To A Place
  • Tools For Teasing Out A Story
  • Organizing Your Research
  • Writing Your Story

How Long Is The Workshop?

This six-week online workshop through Zoom will be six 2-hour sessions.

Is It Suitable For Beginners?

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning about solo travel for writing research. Whether you are considering writing your first piece or are on your third book, all people who identify as women are welcome to join in.

What Should I Bring With Me?

This is a truly interactive workshop, with activities and tools to help you manage the whole process of research travel. Please be prepared to take notes and participate in breakout groups.

$180 CAD

GST charged when applicable
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