The Sibylline World

Me-Kädmen anina il'ati - In Service to The Great Mother
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Fontevraud Abbey

This 1,000-year-old Abbey once was the most powerful in France. Yet, it spent 150 years as a notorious prison. Explore the Mother House.
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Amboise, France

This tiny commune on the banks of the Loire River once served as the residence of many of France's most powerful kings allied with the Sibylline.
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La Joconde

Pick up your magnifying glass and learn how the identity of a prophetess was etched into the brushstrokes of the most famous painting in the world. Could the Mona Lisa have been a Sibyl?
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Love Letters

Immerse yourself in the romance between Aesmeh de la Rose and her beloved Francesco Melzi. Read the letters exchanged between them, spanning more than a decade.
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Marie's Diary

Read excerpts of Marie Guerrant's hidden diaries. Through these pages, explore the stories that shed light on her personal journey in Amboise and beyond.
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Maps & Scrolls

Peek inside workshops of the ancient cartographers and librarians who preserved the works of the Sibylline for a thousand generations.
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The Seals of Annach

After Hypatia of Alexandria's murder, men hunted for the nine Seals of Annach with a ferocity never seen before. Nine women established a new Order of the Sibylline—The Ba'alat—separating the Seals. Learn what they protected.
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The Sibylline Orders

The Orders of the Sibylline represent guilds of powerful women aligned to serve the Great Mother Sibyl. What is your Order?
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The Origins

Learn how the Sibylline rose to power, the covenant they swore to uphold, and what nearly destroyed them.

Robin's Research In France

Trace the route she took

In October of 2019, Robin set out to develop the Sibylline world on a journey to France. As a result, it changed her life. Explore the route she took to uncover the mysteries of Amboise, da Vinci, the Royal River, and L'Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud. 

The Historical Inspiration

Evidence of the Sibyl's Influence On Society Dates Back 11,000 years.

The Sibyl, with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed, yet reaches to a thousand years with her voice by aid of the god.

Heraclitus, 500 BC