Motherhood and Art
26 April 2022

onceptual art, conceptual art. It’s all the art world wants right now.  Yet, I don’t come up with an idea and work from there.  My work reflects the human condition because it reflects my life. Once you take a look, there is more to see.  I am a process-oriented, abstract artist. My work is the embodiment of entwined identities, artist, mother, all of me, and only in writing this did I realize that the work I have been doing for years, the work the blurs the lines between printmaking and painting also holds more than one identity.  

A Portmanteau
6 April 2022

A portmanteau bag is one of those classic vintage beauties that made so much sense to include in Woman On The Wall. Listen in for a quick hit from me on what exactly a portmanteau is and why I included it in the novel:

30 March 2022

The word of the day today is MUGUET, or Lily of the Valley in French. Woman On The Wall is set in France. So, there are plenty of French words I’ve included in the novel. This is the first in a series of words of the day associated with the book. Each has its own…

29 March 2022

This week, I took to Tik-Tok to look back on Parisian life in 1945. The short video includes some of my favourite historical photos from that time. These and many more inspired me to start Woman On The Wall on the streets of Paris. Read on for the rest of the text from the video. Watch it in full: