30 March 2022

The word of the day today is MUGUET, or Lily of the Valley in French. Woman On The Wall is set in France. So, there are plenty of French words I’ve included in the novel. This is the first in a series of words of the day associated with the book. Each has its own…

29 March 2022

This week, I took to Tik-Tok to look back on Parisian life in 1945. The short video includes some of my favourite historical photos from that time. These and many more inspired me to start Woman On The Wall on the streets of Paris. Read on for the rest of the text from the video. Watch it in full:

28 March 2022

Book cover design is all about one thing – compelling readers to engage with a story with one image.

The cover has to capture the story or a compelling moment in that story. It has to embolden the reader to not only pick up the novel, but open it up and start to share in the experience. It is, in many ways, the first advertising a reader may see for the novel so it has to grab their attention. The visuals are what will catch the eye in a sea of other novels on a book shelf or display.

Professional Axiety
22 March 2022

The anxiety of going it on my own as an indie author is so very real. It’s the great paradox – go it on my own and I have complete control over my work. However, the other side of that paradox is when I go it on my own I have complete responsibility for everything. I take the financial risk, the artistic risk, sales, no sales, appeal, no appeal, quality, no quality.